Nick Jolly


As a Trumpet player of over 20 years experience working in big bands, pit orchestras, orchestras, brass bands, circus orchestras and bands on cruise ships, as well as doing session work, I have played many genres of music in many settings, and continue to do so. I decided, a little while ago, that it would also be fun to play some of my own music so I dusted off my composition skills from university and got to work writing some leadsheets (which I also intend to arrange for various ensembles), the results of which are available here.

If you like these charts then, please, use them and spread the word.



New in blog

NJ Publishing has been born!

News 14.09.2012

Nick has just published his first book 'Technical Studies for Advanced Players' through his own brand new publishing company. 'Technical Studies for Advanced Players' is a book of exercises for valved brass aimed at Grade 7+. It consists of 8 key ...